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Verify your QuickBooks password

Before QuickBooks can reset the payroll service PIN (also called the Direct Deposit PIN), QuickBooks needs to verify that you are the authorized person who opened this company file.

Enter the password requested, either the administrator's or the specified user's. Remember that user names and passwords are created for company files, not for the QuickBooks application itself.

Passwords are case-sensitive.

Troubleshooting password issues

  • Forgotten passwords

    If you are not the QuickBooks Administrator and have forgotten your password, ask your Administrator to reset your password. If you are the QuickBooks Administrator, in the QuickBooks Login window, click the "I forgot my password" link to reset the admin password.

  • Known password is no longer working

    There are four main causes of known passwords not working:

    • The login screen is asking for the administrator password, and you are using a non-administrator password; or the login screen is asking for a non-administrator password and you are using the administrator password or another user's password.

    • You have accidentally opened a different company file

      The name of the company of the file you are opening is displayed in bold above the field to enter your user name or password. Make sure that company name matches the name set up for the file you are trying to open:

      1. Verify that you are opening the correct company file by clicking Cancel on the login screen.

      2. Go to the File menu and click "Open Previous Company".

      3. Review the list of files you've previously opened. Try opening the file from that list and see if your password works in that file.

    • There is some list damage in the company file

      If you are certain you are using the correct password for the correct file, but QuickBooks is not accepting the password, you may have list damage in the file.

      To resolve this issue, the administrator will need to reset the password.

    • The Num Lock (NumLk) setting on your laptop has accidentally been turned on

      The Num Lock (NumLk) setting on laptops literally changes the letters/numbers your keyboard types and may be set accidentally. If you're using a laptop and your known password is suddenly not working, try changing the Num Lock setting:

      1. Press and hold the Shift key.

      2. With the Shift key held down, press the NumLk key.

        The NumLk key is not always obvious and may be located at the top, right side of the keyboard. It's often shared with another key, for example the Scroll Lock (ScrLk) key.

      3. Type your password again in QuickBooks and perhaps even verify the password text by typing it in Word or Notepad.

        Here is an example of the Num Lock setting's impact on passwords:

        • Without the Num Lock setting, my password types Pitcrew22@@

        • With the Num Lock setting on, the same keystrokes create this text: *5tcrew22@@

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