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Write a regular paycheck if you have Direct Deposit

If you have activated Direct Deposit, but have not completed the employee setup in QuickBooks, you can do that now:

Set up employees for direct deposit

Important: If you're using Assisted Payroll service, you need to send your paychecks at least two banking days before your company's payday to allow time for the service to process your payroll information and transfer funds from your account into your employees' accounts. Example

To do this task

  1. Create the paychecks in QuickBooks.

    If you're using payroll schedules, create paychecks using a payroll schedule. If you're not using payroll schedules, create paychecks using Unscheduled Payroll.

  2. In the Review and Create Paychecks window, in the Paycheck Options section, click one of the following options: Print paychecks from QuickBooks or Assign check numbers to handwritten checks.

    If you select Assign check numbers to handwritten checks, you can enter a text memo in the First Check Number field, which displays on your employees' checks or pay stubs instead of a check number.

  3. Click Create Paychecks.

  4. In the Confirmation and Next Steps window that appears, click Print Paychecks to print checks or advices of deposit on Intuit check stock.


    Click Print Paystubs to print paystubs on blank paper.

  5. Send your payroll data to the payroll service.

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