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What type of information will I receive from the Direct Deposit and Assisted Payroll services?

When you go online, you may receive the following types of messages from the payroll service:

Confirmation messages provide information about the funds withdrawn from your payroll accounts when you sent your payroll data, including the financial institution and account type, and any applicable fees.

Action messages provide information about a particular task or action you need to perform, such as a reminder that you need to send in your state payroll tax coupons.

For detailed information about each item, select the item in the Items Received list and click View. When finished, you can either print the detail or delete the item.

Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll customers who have activated Direct Deposit receive messages in this window.

Messages from QuickBooks Payroll appear in the QuickBooks Payroll Messages window. To view these messages, go to the Employees menu then choose Send Payroll Data. Click View.

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