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Find your financial institution routing and account numbers

Numbers used by your financial institution are typically located at the bottom of your printed checks.

routing and account numbers

  • The routing number (highlighted in red) is a 9-digit number located between the banking symbols.

    Note: We recommend that you verify this number with your financial institution. Some financial institutions, on some business accounts, use a different routing number on their printed checks than they do for the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network, which routes many automatic transactions, such as direct deposits of employee paychecks or e-payments to tax agencies.

  • Your account number is also found on the bottom of your checks (highlighted in yellow).

  • The sequence number (highlighted in green) is your check number.

Important: The routing and account numbers on your checks may appear in a different order than the numbers on the check shown here. If you are not sure which number is the routing number, contact your financial institution.

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