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Recreate direct deposit paychecks (in QuickBooks)

Follow this procedure to recreate your direct deposit paychecks in QuickBooks after they've already been deposited into your employees' bank accounts. For example, you might need to do this if you recently restored a backup file and need to recreate your transaction in QuickBooks.

If you are using Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Payroll, you must recreate paychecks to return the Direct Deposit Liabilities account to zero. If you have not made a backup copy of your QuickBooks data since you started using Direct Deposit, skip directly to Step 4.

Important: If you are using the Assisted Payroll service, you do not need to recreate your direct deposit paychecks. QuickBooks downloads them for you when you go online.

To do this task

  1. In the Send Payroll Data window, select the message received from the payroll service and click View.

  2. Print the message.

  3. Review the transactions to make sure they are not duplicates of transactions that you have recently sent to the payroll service. Use this information to recreate the necessary paychecks in your register.

    For hourly employees, you need to know the hours worked for each pay period to recreate the paycheck(s) accurately.

  4. Set up a special deduction payroll item.

  5. Create the paychecks.

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