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Generating a QuickPayroll Payroll Summary Report

Before you migrate from QuickPayroll to QuickBooks, generate a Payroll Summary Report in QuickPayroll for each quarter of the current year. Information in this report helps you set up your information in QuickBooks.

The Payroll Summary Report shows the total wages, taxes withheld, deductions from net pay, additions to net pay, and employer-paid taxes and contributions for each employee on your payroll.

  1. In QuickPayroll, go to the Reports menu and then click Payroll Reports.

  2. Choose Summary.

  3. Use the generated report to do the QuickBooks task shown in the following table.

When you do this QuickBooks task

Use the QuickPayroll report to

Enter year-to-date amounts

Enter year-to-date amounts in QuickBooks. These payroll amounts help ensure correct year-to-date totals on the paychecks you write for the rest of the year.

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