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What you should know before you delete a payroll item

  • You cannot delete a payroll item if you have used it in the employee default setup or in any employee record or payroll transaction.

  • If you have used a payroll item, you must first remove or replace it in every place you have used it (employee defaults, employee record, setup summaries, paychecks, liability checks) before you can delete the item. If you have used the item on a check you have already distributed, you must assign its amount on the check to another payroll item.

  • You cannot delete the federal tax payroll items: Advance Earned Income Credit, Federal Unemployment, Federal Withholding, Medicare Company, Medicare Employee, Social Security Company, and Social Security Employee.

  • You can make a payroll item inactive rather than deleting it from the Payroll Item list. When you make a payroll item inactive, QuickBooks retains the information associated with the item but removes it from the list. You can reactivate the item at any time.

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