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Merging payroll items for the same tax

You can combine two payroll items that track the same tax when one is set up as a user-defined, company-paid tax and the other is a company-paid, other tax specified in the tax table.

  1. After leaving this wizard, go to the Lists menu and click Payroll Item List. Shortcut

  2. Select the payroll item you set up as a user-defined, company-paid tax.

  3. Click Payroll Item at the bottom of the list and click Edit Payroll Item.

  4. Change the payroll item name to be exactly the same as the name of the payroll item the wizard has set up for the same tax. Be careful to use exactly the same spaces.

  5. Click Next until you can click Finish.

  6. Click Yes to confirm that you want to merge the two payroll items under the same name.

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