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Foreign bank accounts

To prevent unnecessary delays or rejections for electronic payments, we ask you to certify that your payment does not ultimately originate from and is not ultimately being sent to a foreign bank account.

Why are we asking for this?

New bank reporting requirements necessitate additional information for electronic payments that are made to or from foreign bank accounts. Since these requirements are relatively new, most senders and recipients of electronic payments, including most state agencies, do not yet support the collection of this information and do not, therefore, accept electronic payments that originate from or are sent to foreign bank accounts.

What does "originate from" and "sent to" mean?

Payments are considered to originate from a foreign bank account if your bank is not a U.S.-based bank or if funds in your U.S.-based bank account come from electronic transfers from a foreign source.

Payments are considered to be sent to a foreign bank account if the recipient's bank is not a U.S.-based bank or if the recipient has an existing agreement with a U.S.-based bank to automatically transfer funds from the recipient's account to a foreign bank.

What should I do if my transaction is from or to a foreign bank account?

For payments to or refunds from a state agency, contact the agency to see what alternatives are available. Click Go onlinehere and choose the state to find contact information.

For payments to employees or contractors, consider another payment option such as writing a check or using a paycard, or Go onlinecontact us to discuss options for your payroll service.

What if I am not sure if my transaction is from or to a foreign bank account?

Your financial institution will be able to provide the most accurate information on whether or not a transaction is affected by these new restrictions on transfers from or to foreign bank accounts.

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