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Certified payroll reports

Projects that are publicly funded typically require the contractor to pay a prevailing wage rate for workers on the job. Then, for each payroll period, the contractor must create a certified payroll report that shows the wages paid to each worker.

Following are the steps for creating a type of certified payroll report. Because QuickBooks is not specifically set up to handle this type of report, there are two drawbacks:

  • The report shows amounts paid to each employee; it does not show hours. If you absolutely require this information, you can create a time report that shows hours worked by an individual on a certain service item in a given time period.

  • The report represents all crafts. It is not possible to filter the report to represent a single craft.

To create a certified payroll report

Follow these steps for each worker.

  1. Set up an Hourly Wage payroll item for prevailing wage jobs, called "Prevailing Wage Rate."

    1. Go to the Employees menu and click Payroll Item List.

    2. Click Payroll Item at the bottom of the list and click New.

    3. In the Add new payroll item window, select Wage and click Next.

    4. Follow the rest of the prompts and click Finish.

  2. When you do payroll for an employee who is working on a prevailing wage job, enter the hours worked under "Prevailing Wage Rate," rather than under "Hourly Wage."

  3. Go to the Reports menu, choose Employees & Payroll, and then click Payroll Summary to create a Payroll Summary report (one of the Payroll reports).

  4. Modify the Payroll Summary report:

    1. Click Customize Report at the top of the report.

    2. Click the Display Columns by drop-down list and choose Day.

    3. Click the Filters tab.

    4. In the Filter scroll box, select Name. Click the Name drop-down list and choose the employee for which you're creating the report.

    5. In the Filter scroll box, select Payroll Item. Click the Payroll Item drop-down list and choose Prevailing Wage Rate.

    6. Click OK.

    7. Select the Header/Footer tab. Change the Report Title to Certified Payroll Report.

  5. Click Memorize to memorize the report for future use.

You can also create a QuickBooks report that provides all the information you need to fill in Box 1 (employee information) of your certified payroll reports.

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