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Void paychecks (Assisted Payroll)

You should rarely need to void a paycheck. Remember that voiding a paycheck is not like voiding other kinds of checks; paychecks have associated tax and other liability calculations and payments that need to be taken into consideration.

For common situations with better alternatives than voiding a paycheck, see Alternatives to voiding a paycheck

For direct deposit paychecks, see Edit or void a direct deposit paycheck.

Deleting vs. voiding a paycheck

If none of the alternatives to voiding accomplish the desired result, you need to decide whether to void or delete the paycheck:

  • You can delete a paycheck from QuickBooks before you send it to the Assisted Payroll service. Deleting a paycheck does not affect payroll tax filing. You cannot delete a paycheck after you send it to the Assisted Payroll service.

  • You can void a paycheck after you send it to the Assisted payroll service. Voiding a paycheck may affect payroll tax filing.

    If the void is received after processing begins, tax funds may be applied to future payrolls in the same quarter. If the paycheck is in the last payroll of a quarter, tax funds may be refunded by the taxing agencies and an amendment may be required to correct tax filings.

    If an amendment is necessary, contact QuickBooks Assisted Payroll support to start the amendment process. (You may be charged a fee for this service.)

To do this task

Note: We recommend that you back up your data before you void paychecks.

  1. Click the Payroll Center icon.

  2. In the Pay Employees section, click the Related Payroll Activities drop-down arrow, and then click Edit or Void Paychecks.

  3. Enter a date range in the Show paychecks from and through fields, and press the Tab key to display the checks.

    What does the date represent?

    What does the date represent?
  4. Click to select the paycheck you want to void.

  5. Click the Void button.

    When you successfully void a paycheck, a notation is included in the Memo field and the net amount of the check is 0.00.

  6. Once you have read the message that appears, check the checkbox and click Continue.

    These messages vary based on the check date and the time you start the void process.

  7. In the Confirmation and Next Steps window, click Send Information to Intuit to ensure that your voided paycheck information is sent to the payroll service. You will need to provide your Payroll Service PIN.

  8. Click Done to close the Edit/Void Paychecks window.

How voiding affects year-to-date amounts

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