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Change your payroll service bank account
(QuickBooks Assisted Payroll or Direct Deposit)

Only the QuickBooks Administrator can do this.

Note: Your payroll service bank account is used for the following payments:

  • Direct deposit and/or Assisted Payroll service fees

  • Direct deposit paychecks to employees

  • Direct deposit payments to vendors

  • Taxes (Assisted Payroll customers only)

To do this task
  1. Gather the information to enter for the new account, including the name and routing number of the financial institution, the account number, and the account type.

  2. Set up the new bank account in QuickBooks, if it has not been created.

    Note: The Assisted Payroll service can withdraw funds from only one bank account. If your payroll tax funds are in a separate account from your paycheck funds, you'll need to combine those bank accounts. After combining the accounts at your financial institution, merge the accounts in QuickBooks.

  3. Change the payroll bank account information in QuickBooks:

    1. Go to the Employees menu and then click My Payroll Service.

      What if the menu item isn't there?

      You either don't have an active QuickBooks Payroll subscription or have configured your company file to process your payroll manually, without a QuickBooks Payroll subscription. To learn about your payroll options in QuickBooks:

      • Go to the Employees menu, click Payroll, and then click Learn About Payroll Options.


      • Go to the Employees menu and click Payroll Service Options, and then click Learn About Payroll Options.

      (If you're not already connected to the Internet, QuickBooks will prompt you to connect.)

    2. Click Account/Billing Information.

    3. On the Account Maintenance page, click the Edit link next to the bank account information and then do the following:

      Assisted Payroll users

      1. Print the form that appears in the window.

      2. Fill out the form with your updated bank account information and fax or mail it to the fax number or address provided on the form.

        To change the bank account for a payroll you've already sent, you must submit the form before payroll processing begins. After you submit your request, Intuit verifies the information on the form with your bank, which may take up to 5 business days. You'll receive an e-mail when the request has been fully processed, letting you know that you can start sending Direct Deposit payrolls against your new bank account, so please be sure to provide your e-mail address on the form.

      Non-Assisted Direct Deposit users

      1. If asked, enter your company's Direct Deposit PIN number. Otherwise, go to the next step.

      2. In the Change Your Bank Account window, enter your bank account information and click Update.

        If you update Account Type, Routing Number, or Account Number, Intuit will make two small one-time withdrawals (less than $1 each) from your new account.

      3. Check your bank account after one to two banking days and make note of the two small one-time withdrawals made by Intuit.

      4. Click the Verify link next to Bank Account on the My Payroll Service:Account Maintenance page and enter the two small one-time withdrawal amounts to verify your new bank account.

        You must wait until you do this step before you can run your next payroll or make your next vendor direct deposit payment. If you need to pay employees or vendors before you've verified your bank account, issue paper checks instead.

        Note: Intuit automatically refunds the amount of the two small withdrawals directly to your bank account several days after you verify your account.


  • When you create the first payroll to be deducted from the new account, be sure to select the new account in QuickBooks in the Enter Payroll Information window.

  • Payroll processing (when Assisted Payroll downloads your payroll data to its computer system and then runs the programs that actually process your payroll) begins at 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time, two days before the paycheck date. For example, if you send payroll on Monday and the paycheck date is Friday, payroll processing begins on Wednesday at 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time. After processing begins, you cannot change the bank account for a payroll. (If you did not send your payroll at least two days in advance, processing begins at 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time on the day you send it.)

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