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Adjust your payroll liabilities account

If you're an Assisted Payroll subscriber, you may run into a situation where your payroll liabilities account balance is not zero when it should be. For example, this may happen if you create historical paychecks in a quarter that you were not using Assisted Payroll.

To do this task

  1. Before paying your payroll liabilities, make sure you don't have any paychecks in the Items to Send area of the Send Payroll Data window.

  2. Generate a payroll liabilities report as of today's date.

  3. Pay your liabilities.

    Enter the last day of the quarter or period for which you are paying the liabilities in the Show liabilities from/through fields. These dates are important because QuickBooks uses them to generate the payroll liabilities report and to fill in fields for Form 940 and Form 941.

Your payroll liabilities account balance will now be zero.

11/18/2017 5:08:22 PM
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