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Account preferences for certain payroll services

You use the Account Preferences window to change where you want the Direct Deposit or the Assisted Payroll service to post transactions it returns.

Tell me more about these transactions

When you send payment transactions to Intuit, the Direct Deposit or Assisted Payroll service returns debit transactions that post to some of your QuickBooks accounts. For example, when you send a direct deposit, you get back a debit transaction for the amount of the payment. This transaction posts to the QuickBooks bank account (in your chart of accounts) that tracks your actual, real-life bank account activity. In addition, you get a debit transaction for any fees Intuit charges for the direct deposit, and this transaction posts to a QuickBooks expense account.

You can change the following items:

  • Bank Account

    Specify the QuickBooks bank account where you want QuickBooks to post debit transactions for direct deposits. The default is the account you set up when you signed up for Direct Deposit service.

    Important: You can change the QuickBooks account here for accounting purposes, but direct deposit funds are always drawn from the actual bank account shown in the Direct Deposit section of the Account Maintenance window.

    To see the Account Maintenance window, choose Employees > My Payroll Service > Account/Billing Information.

    To change that bank account, see Change your payroll service bank account.

  • Payroll Services Fees Account

    Specify the QuickBooks expense account where you want QuickBooks to post debit transactions for fees associated with your payroll or vendor payment transaction.

  • Class

    If you allocate expenses by class, specify the class for the fees associated with your payroll or Direct Deposit transaction.

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