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How the Assisted Payroll service uses address information

Legal Address

The payroll service uses your legal address on all payroll tax forms it prepares for your company.

Your company's legal name and address are the ones to which your Federal EIN was issued. If your company is a sole proprietorship, the legal name is usually the name of the owner, rather than the trade name (or "doing business as" name) of the business. To verify your company's legal address, refer to any forms or labels you have received from the IRS.

Mailing Address

The payroll service uses your mailing address as a primary address for all payroll service documents.

Shipping Address

The payroll service uses your shipping address for overnight shipments; for example, for legal documents sent via an overnight service such as Federal Express or UPS.

Your shipping address must be a street address (not a post office box) and may be the same as your legal or mailing address.

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