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Pay independent contractors

You pay independent contractors the same way you pay any other vendor: by entering and paying bills.

To do this task

  1. Enter a bill for the work the independent contractor performed.

    Note: Use the Items tab on the Enter Bills window to fill in the details of the work the person performed for you.

    Click this tab to enter details about the items you purchased. When you click Items, these columns appear in the detail area:

    Item, Description, Qty, Cost, and Amount

    Enter the name, quantity, and cost of each item. If you wrote a purchase order, click Select PO. Select the purchase orders that apply to this order and click OK. Then view the line items that QuickBooks adds to the detail area. If you didn't receive everything you ordered or if prices have changed, edit the amounts in the Qty and Cost columns.

    If you did not write a purchase order, enter the item name, quantity, and cost of each item.


    If unit of measure is turned on, the item's unit of measure appears in the U/M column.

    If unit of measure is set to Multiple U/M Per Item, you can click the U/M drop-down arrow to convert or change the current unit of measure.


    If you plan to pass on the amount as a reimbursable expense to a customer, enter the customer in the Customer:Job column.


    If this column shows a checkmark, it indicates that the item is billable to that customer. If so, leave the checkmark next to the customer's name as it is.

    If the item is not billable to that customer, click the checkmark to remove it.

    If the Billable column shows Item has been billed, this indicates that you've already billed the customer for that item and saved the invoice.


    To assign the amount to one of your classes, enter the class in the Class column. (This column appears only if you selected the Use Class Tracking checkbox in the Accounting Preferences window.)

    To insert or a delete a line in the Items tab, go to the Edit menu and then click Insert Line or Delete Line.


  2. Pay the bill.

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