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Add a 1099 vendor (independent contractor) in QuickBooks

If you use unincorporated vendors, such as outside consultants or subcontractors, you need to send a 1099-MISC form to those who are paid more than a specific amount per year. Who should receive Form 1099-MISC?

Who should receive Form 1099?

If you send Form 1099-MISC to any vendors, you can set up QuickBooks to track all 1099-related payments to each vendor. Then at the end of the year, you can print Forms 1099-MISC and 1096 or e-file Form 1099-MISC (Form 1096 is not required when you e-file) directly from QuickBooks.

Before you add a 1099 vendor, make sure QuickBooks is set up for 1099 tracking.

To add an independent contractor

  1. Verify that the 1099 feature is turned on in QuickBooks.

  2. Add the person as a vendor.

    Add the person as a vendor
  3. Turn the person into a 1099 vendor.

    Turn the person into a 1099 vendor.
  4. Create an expense account for the payments you will make to this person.

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