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Change an existing vendor to a 1099 vendor

change vendor employee

make vendor employee

convert vendor employee

Many users think of this task as changing a vendor into an employee, but when the vendor is an independent contractor, what you really want to do is change the vendor to a 1099 vendor. What's the difference?

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To do this task

  1. From the Vendors menu, choose Vendor Center.

  2. Right-click the vendor you want to change to a 1099 vendor, and click Edit Vendor.

  3. On the Address Info tab, make sure:

    • The vendor's legal name appears in the First Name, M.I., and Last Name fields.

    • The vendor's address contains the two-letter state abbreviation and the zip code.

      Vendor name and address

  4. Click the Additional Info tab.

  5. Enter the vendor's tax ID number.

    If the vendor is a sole proprietor, enter the vendor's Social Security number. Otherwise, enter the vendor's nine-digit tax identification number.

  6. Click the Vendor eligible for 1099 checkbox.

    If you don't see this checkbox, you need to set up QuickBooks for 1099 tracking.

  7. Click OK.

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