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Transaction log (.qbw.tlg) file

QuickBooks uses a transaction log file to track changes to your data since the last time you backed up your company file, provided you have set a verification level. In case of an accidental data loss, Intuit Technical Support can use your transaction log file, in conjunction with your most recent backup, to recover your data up to your most recently saved transactions. For more information about data recovery, contact Intuit Technical Support.

The transaction log file is also created if you sync your QuickBooks data with certain online services using Intuit Sync Manager. In this case, the transaction log file allows ongoing syncs to happen much more quickly than the initial full upload of QuickBooks data into your online services.

The transaction log file has the same name as your company file, but with a .qbw.tlg extension. For example, MyCompany.qbw has a transaction log file named MyCompany.qbw.tlg.

11/21/2017 7:21:51 AM
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