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Start date

The date you start recording transactions in QuickBooks. If your company existed before your QuickBooks start date, you must enter opening balances. To ensure that you can always run a report showing your opening balances, you need to record them on a day when you don't record other transactions. Therefore, we recommend that you make your start date the day before you record your first transaction. For example, if you want to start recording transactions on January 1, 2015, your start date would be December 31, 2014. So you would enter all your opening balances as of December 31, 2014.

Find or change your start date

The start date isn't stored in one particular place in QuickBooks. Instead, it's the date you or QuickBooks used to record opening balances (customers, vendors, accounts, and so on). One method to view multiple opening balances and their dates is to follow these steps:

  1. Click the Chart of Accounts icon to open the chart of accounts.

  2. Double-click the Opening Bal Equity account to open the account register.

  3. Scroll to top of the register. Any transactions that include the phrase "Opening Balance" in the memo represent an opening balance. You can change the date of each individual transaction. In essence, this changes your start date.

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