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Sales forms

The sales forms available in QuickBooks are:

  • Sales receipts (if you get paid immediately by cash, check, or credit card)

  • Invoices (if you get paid later)

  • Credit memos (for recording a return, a refund, or an overpayment)

  • Statements (or billing statements, for periodic billing or to let your customer know how much is past due)

  • Estimates (also known as bids, grants, or proposals, for describing work or products you propose to a customer)

Invoices or sales receipts are the forms that you give to your customers to confirm their orders. Even if you do not want (or need) to give your customers a printed copy of the QuickBooks invoice, you should still use the invoice or sales receipt form to enter your sales into QuickBooks (so that your income information is up to date).

Depending on your type of sales business, you can enter each customer purchase on a separate sales form, or you can enter a daily sales summary of all your sales.

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