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Start with the Home page

The Home page gives you one-click access to all of your most important QuickBooks activities, all in one place—from invoicing and writing checks to making deposits and reconciling bank accounts. It presents a big picture view of how everything fits together, with arrows to guide you from one task to the next. QuickBooks previously showed these activities in multiple navigators, but the new Home page consolidates key activities in one place. The Home page also lets you see account balances, updated automatically as you work. And if you want to hide these balances for privacy, just click the minus button next to the Account Balances list.

Customize your work area

With QuickBooks, you can customize your work area to see just what you need to perform your daily tasks. Go to the Edit menu, click Preferences, and then click Desktop View on the left to set preferences for your desktop view. You can also learn about other available services by clicking links in the Do More with QuickBooks area on the home page.

How do you prefer to see QuickBooks windows? Your new version of QuickBooks opens in multiple window mode so that you can open several forms or windows at once and arrange them for easy access on your screen. Windows can be tiled or cascaded so that you can easily move between tasks or compare data in different windows. To show just one window at a time, you can simply change this option in the View menu.

You may have previously used the Open Windows list to move from one window to the next. Now, you can either:

  • Use the Window menu to see your list of open windows.

  • Turn on the Open Windows list by clicking the View menu and then Open Windows List.

If you'd like more room on the Icon Bar for your favorite icons, you can now move it to a position below the Navigation Bar by dragging and dropping it.

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