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What's important about the Mileage Rates window

QuickBooks calculates the appropriate mileage expense based on the dates and rates you enter here. Check regularly with the IRS for the latest rates. Enter each date and rate change as it becomes effective. The most current date will be at the top of the list.

If you make a mistake when entering the date or rate, select the information and click Delete Entry.

Important: The mileage rates you enter here are specified by the IRS and should not be confused with the mileage rate you enter in the item list. If you only want to track your mileage for tax purposes, keep these rates up to date. If you want to charge your customers for mileage, you need to create a service or other charge type item in the item list. You can either assign a rate to the item or leave the rate at zero if the mileage rate you charge your clients varies.

Visit the Go online IRS Web site (www.irs.gov) to look for further information about vehicle mileage.

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