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What's important about the Enter Vehicle Mileage window

Use this window to record the mileage cost for your business vehicles.

Why should I track vehicle mileage?

On the toolbar

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Vehicle List

Opens the Vehicle List window where you can add, edit, and manage your business vehicles. To track mileage for a vehicle, it must be entered on this list.

Mileage Rates

Opens the Mileage Rates window where you enter the IRS rates for vehicle mileage costs. QuickBooks calculates the appropriate mileage cost based on the dates and rates you enter in this window.

Mileage Reports

Choose a report from this menu to review your vehicle and mileage records.

On the form


Choose the name of the vehicle for which you want to enter mileage. The vehicle must be entered on the Vehicle List to be available here.

Trip Start/End Dates

Enter the beginning and ending dates for this trip.

Odometer Start/End

Enter the beginning and ending vehicle miles as shown on the odometer for this vehicle for this trip

Total Miles

Enter the total miles, if you know them. If not, QuickBooks will calculate and enter the total miles based on the odometer readings that you entered above.

Billable checkbox

Select this checkbox if you plan to charge your customer for the vehicle mileage expense. When you record the mileage, QuickBooks adds it to the list of billable mileage expenses for this job. When you bill your customer, you can transfer the mileage expense to the sales form.

Note: The checkbox sets automatically once a Customer:Job and item have been entered into the form. If you don't want to charge the customer for this mileage, uncheck the "Billable" checkbox before saving the record.


(Required if you are billing for the mileage expense)

Choose the name of the customer (and job, if any) for which this mileage applies. If you are not going to bill your customer for the mileage expense, you may still want to associate it with a customer:job so that you have a record of the non-billable expense.


(Required if you are billing for the mileage expense)

Choose the service item or other charge item that you have set up for this mileage cost. On an invoice or statement charge, the item tells QuickBooks which account to use to track the income you receive from the mileage expense and what rate to charge for it.

Class (if you use class tracking and it is turned on in QuickBooks)

Choose the class name that you want to assign to the mileage expense.


Enter any notes about the trip.
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