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Combine mileage charges into one line item

When you charge a customer for mileage, you can set options in the Choose Billable Time and Costs window for how you want to show the mileage records on the sales form.

Combining activities

If you have several mileage entries for the same job, you can collapse them into a single entry on the invoice. For example, if the Mileage tab shows three entries for "Mileage," each with a different number of miles, you can either retain the separate listing like this:

Mileage 18.0
Mileage 92.0
Mileage 51.0

Or you can combine them into a single entry like this:

Mileage 161.0

To combine mileage, select "Combine activities with the same service items."

Describing the mileage

If you combine mileage, QuickBooks automatically fills in the Description field on the invoice or in the register with the activity item description. If you do not combine activities, you can choose how QuickBooks fills in the Description field.

  • Select "Transfer notes for each activity" if you want the field to show the notes you entered when you made the mileage entry. This is useful if the notes describe something unique about the mileage that you want to appear on the invoice.

  • Select "Transfer item descriptions" if you want the field to show the description of the item you assigned to the mileage entry (the mileage item's description comes from the Item list). This is useful if you need only a general description about the mileage being charged.

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