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About Areas and Activities

Areas and Activities are useful for modifying and customizing a role in a granular way. Using roles, you can specify in detail what areas of QuickBooks you want certain users to access. You may give them access to an entire Area or to only certain Activities within an area.

An Area is defined as a group of related work flows or tasks. Areas include Accounting, Banking, Centres, Company, Sales tax, Customers & Receivables, Employees & Payroll, File, Lists, and Reports. Reports, Time Tracking, and Vendors & Payables.

Activities are tasks within a given Area. For example, Activities within the area Banking include Bank Accounts, Checks, Credit Card Accounts, Credit Card Charges, Deposits, Loan Manager, Online Banking,and Reconcile. Reconcile and Transfer Funds.

To see how Areas and Activities are used in QuickBooks:

  1. Go to the Company menu, choose Users, and click Set Up Users and Roles.

  2. Select the Role List tab, then click New.

    • Areas are displayed as headings.

    • Activities are displayed below their related Areas.

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