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View-only role permissions

View-only role permissions

The View-only role, as predefined, allows view-only access to the following areas:


  • Asset, equity, and liability accounts.

  • Granting access to liability accounts could expose payroll information.

  • General journal.


  • Bank accounts, checks, credit card charges, and credit card accounts.

  • Deposits and transfer funds.


  • View access to the Customer Center, Vendor Center, and Employee Center.


  • Company information.

  • Full access to Find all transactions.

Customers & Receivables

  • A/R accounts, credit memos, estimates, invoices, sales receipts, and receive payments.

  • Sales orders, statement charges, and undeposited funds.

  • View credit card number.

Employees & Payroll

  • View access to paychecks,pay employees, payroll liabilities, and payroll adjustments.


  • No access.


  • View access to all lists.

    Granting access to the payroll item list allows access to payroll information.


  • Ability to modify all reports.

    Granting access to banking reports, company & financial detail, custom transaction detail, or job detail reports could expose payroll information.

Sales tax

  • View access to the Sales tax Code List and to Sales tax Items.

  • View access to Tax Agencies on the Tax Agency Info tab in the Vendor Center.

Time Tracking

  • View access to Single Time Activity and Weekly Time Sheet.

Vendors & Payables

  • Accounts Payable accounts, Adjust Quantity on Hand, and Build Assemblies.

  • Enter Bills, Pay Bills, and Item Receipts.Item Receipts, and Pay Sales Tax.

  • Purchase Orders and Purchase Orders list.

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