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Full-access role permissions

Full-access role permissions

The full-access role, as predefined, allows access to the following areas:


  • Full access to all accounts and to create general journal entries.

  • Full access to Manage Fixed Assets and Adjust Trial Balance.

  • Access to Eedit Cclosed Ttransactions.

A note about asset, equity, and liability accounts

Granting permission allows the ability to open a register view for the corresponding account types. For example, if you have "Full" access to asset accounts and "None" access to liability accounts, the user can open any register for an asset account, but not for a liability account.

Note: Opening a register view does not entitle you to create or modify transactions in the register. The ability to create or modify transactions is controlled under the individual transaction types. For example, if the user has permission to open an inventory asset register, he would not be able to modify any invoices unless he has "modify" access under invoices.

  • Full access to bank accounts, checks, credit card charges, credit card accounts.

  • Full access to deposits, Loan Manager, and reconcile.

  • Full access to online banking and transfer funds.

A note about bank accounts.

Bank accounts and subaccounts will be displayed as they are set up in the Chart of Accounts. For example, if you have three checking accounts, then you will see them listed when you expand the "Bank Accounts" sub-area. The parent bank account access will be blocked based on the access of the children. For example, a company may have "Checking" as the parent bank account and "payroll" and "operating" as subaccounts. If the Admin restricts access to one of the child accounts, then the user would also be restricted to the parent "Checking" account, as it is a superset of the children.

The list of bank accounts is dynamically updated as you modify your chart of accounts. Similar to asset, liability, and equity accounts, these entitlements control the ability to open up a register view for the individual accounts.


  • Full access to the Customer Center, Vendor Center, and Employee Center.


  • Full access to Billing Solutions Signup and Setup Online Banking.

  • Full access to Enter Vehicle Mileage, Find all transactions, and Print Labels.

  • Full access to Remote Access, Set up Budgets & Forecasts, Business Planning & Analysis, and Synchronize Contacts.

  • Full access to Company Information and Company Preferences.

  • Full access to Set Closing Date and Password.

A note about Billing Solutions Signup

Billing Solutions Signup controls access to activities related to the email service for Billing Solutions Options. It also controls access to the embedded browser for QuickBooks Billing Account Activity, and fax options.

A note about Business Planning Analysis

Granting permission allows access to Cash Flow Projector, and the Business Plan Tool under the "Planning & Budgeting" menu. All users can access Decision Tools menu under Planning & Budgeting. Data is hidden within these screens based on other entitlements.

Customers & Receivables

  • Full access to A/R accounts and the Undeposited Funds account.

  • Full access to Billable Time and Costs.

  • Full access to credit memos, estimates, and finance charges.

  • Full access to invoices, sales receipts, receive payments, statements, and statement charges.

  • Full access to Change Item Prices and Override Credit Limit.

  • Full access to sales orders.

  • Full access to view credit card numbers.

Sales tax

  • Full access to File Sales tax and adjust sales tax due.

  • Full access to the Sales tax Code List and to Sales tax Items.

  • Full access to Tax Agencies on the Tax Agency Info tab in the Vendor Center.

Employees & Payroll

  • Full access to Payroll.


  • Full access to Backup, Rebuild, and Verify.

  • Full access to Accountant's Review. and Shipping.

  • Full access to Clean Up Company Data, Export, and Import.


  • Full access to all lists.


  • Full access to all reports.¹

    ¹ Granting access to Company & Financial Detail, Custom Transaction Detail, or Job Detail reports could expose payroll information. Granting access to Banking reports could expose payroll information.

Time Tracking

  • Full access.

Vendors & Payables

  • Full access to Accounts Payable accounts.

  • Full access to Enter Bills, Pay Bills, and Item Receipts.

  • Full access to Print 1099s/1096.

  • Full access to Adjust Quantity on Hand and Build Assemblies.

  • Full access to Purchase Orders and Purchase Orders list.

  • Full access to Pay Sales Tax and Adjust Sales Tax Due.

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How is this role different from the "Admin" role?

The Full Access role mirrors the Admin role with the following exceptions: No access to Company Information, Company Preferences, Set Closing Date & Password, Clean Up Company Data, Export, and Import.

The Full Access role mirrors the Admin role with the following exceptions: No access to Set Closing Date & Password, Export, Import and apply Credit Card Refunds.

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