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Banking role permissions

Banking role permissions

The Banking role, as predefined, allows access to the following areas:


  • No access.


  • Full access to Bbank Aaccounts, Checks, Ccredit Ccard Ccharges, and Ccredit Ccard Aaccounts.¹

  • Full access to Ddeposits, Loan Manager, and Rreconcile.

  • Full access to online banking and transfer funds.

    ¹ Granting access to "Bank accounts" and "Reconcile" could allow access to payroll information.


  • CreateView access to the Customer Center.

  • View access to the Employee Center.

  • Full access to the Vendor Center.


  • Full access to Print Labels.

  • Full access to Remote Access.

Customers & Receivables

  • Full access to credit memos.

Employees & Payroll

  • No access.


  • No access.


  • Full access to Class, Item, Other Names, and Templates lists.the Item and Other Names lists.

  • View access to all other lists except Payroll Item list.


  • Full access to banking reports.¹

    ¹ Granting access to banking reports could allow access to payroll information.

Sales tax

  • Full access to file sales tax and adjust sales tax due.

  • View access to the Sales tax Code List and to Sales tax Items.

  • View access to Tax Agencies on the Tax Agency Info tab in the Vendor Center.

Time Tracking

  • No access.

Vendors & Payables

  • Full access to Pay Bills and Pay Sales Tax.

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