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Accounts Receivable role permissions

Accounts Receivable role permissions

The Accounts Receivable role, as predefined, allows access to the following areas:


  • No access.


  • Full access to deposits.


  • Full access to the Customer Center.

  • View access to the Employee Center.

Customers & Receivables

  • Full access to A/R accounts and the Undeposited Funds account.

  • Full access to billable time and costs, which also allows access to Payroll information.

  • Full access to credit memos, estimates, and finance charges.

  • Full access to invoices, sales receipts, receive payments, statements, and statement charges.

  • Full access to change item prices and override credit limit.

  • Full access to sales orders.

  • Full access to view credit card numbers and view Customer Center.

  • Full access to use credit card numbers.


  • Full access to "Enter vehicle mileage."

  • Full access to Print Labels.

  • Full access to Synchronize Contacts.

  • Full access to Remote User Access.

Employees & Payroll

  • No access.


  • Access to Shipping Manager.


  • Full access to the Fixed Asset, Item, Other Names, Customer Message, Customer Type, Job Type, Payment Method, Sales Rep, Terms, Vehicle, Vendor, Ship Via, Price Level, Sales tax Code and Templates lists.

  • View access to the Chart of Accounts and Class list.


  • Full access to Customer & Receivables reports.

  • Full access to Sales and Mileage reports.

Sales tax

  • Full access to the Sales tax Code List and to Sales tax Items.

  • View access to Tax Agencies on the Tax Agency Info tab in the Vendor Center.

Time Tracking

  • No access.

Vendors & Payables

  • Full access to Purchase Orders list.

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