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How do users and roles work together?

Watch a 7-minute tutorial about permissions

&qb_enterprise_solutions; enables you to create users and assign roles to them. Users are people in your company who access the company file. Roles are permission sets that can be created or modified, then assigned to users. Roles allow flexibility and offer customization of access levels for different users in your company.

Learn about roles

&qb_enterprise_solutions; comes with 14 predefined roles that can be modified or duplicated. You can also create new roles as necessary.

The following is an example of a predefined role called Sales. Listed below are the activities that are preset for this role.

Following is an example of a predefined role called Sales, and the permissions that are preset for the Sales role:

Access to Estimates, Invoices, Sales Orders, and Sales Receipts. Access to Sales Reports and Customer Center. Within each of these areas a user can be granted the right to view, create, modify, print, or delete.

  • Full access to the Customer Centre and view access of the Employee Centre
  • Full access to Remote Access and Synchronize Contacts
  • View access to the Sales tax Code List, to Sales tax Items and to Tax Agencies
  • Full access to Eestimates, Iinvoices, Ssales Oorders, Sales Receipts and to Use Credit Card Numbers
  • Full access to the Customer Message, Customer Type, Job Type, Sales Rep, and Templates lists
  • View access to all other lists, except the Chart of Accounts, Vendor Type, and Payroll Item lists
  • Full access to Sales reports

Once a role has been created, it can be assigned to one or more users in the company. Conversely, a user can be assigned multiple roles.

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