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About roles


set up roles

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In QuickBooks, a role includes or restricts access to areas used by certain separate functions within your company, such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Sales, Purchasing, and Human ResourcesTime Tracking.

Within each of these roles, you can assign detailed tasks. For example:

  • The Banking role is defined as having full access to checks, credit card charges, deposits, and online banking. You may want to edit the role to suit the needs of your company by granting access to invoices.

  • The Sales role might include access to cash sales, estimates, invoices, sales orders, and sales reports.

  • The Purchasing role might include access to purchase orders and purchasing reports, and restrict access to payroll and banking.

Why should I use roles?

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Once you've created a role, you can assign that role to one or more users and control the areas and activities that they have access to in QuickBooks. You can create and modify roles for your company and then assign those roles to the appropriate users.


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