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Choose a method for updating QuickBooks

There are two ways to update QuickBooks. You can use these methods concurrently, and both require an Internet connection.

Update QuickBooks automatically

With this method, QuickBooks automatically downloads the updates you choose to your computer. QuickBooks periodically checks the Intuit server for new updates, and downloads the new information gradually at times when your Internet connection is not being used by another process or application.

Advantages of updating QuickBooks automatically:

  • Updates are downloaded unobtrusively, without interrupting your QuickBooks work or other tasks that you perform with your computer.

  • You can disconnect from the Internet at any time. When you reconnect, QuickBooks resumes downloading updates at the point where it was previously halted.

QuickBooks continues to download updates automatically until you turn off the Automatic Update option. When the Automatic Update option is on, you can still download any or all available updates immediately.

Note: You can't turn automatic updates off if you have a subscription plan such as QuickBooks Pro Plus or QuickBooks Premier Plus. Automatic updates are always on.

Update QuickBooks immediately

With this method, updates you choose are downloaded immediately from the Intuit server to your computer. You can use this method at any time.

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