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About downloading updates from the Internet

Periodically, Intuit provides updates to QuickBooks that you can download from the Internet. These updates can include:

  • A new feature

  • A new service

  • Timely information that could be relevant to your business

  • A maintenance release

    Intuit sometimes creates a maintenance release for an existing version of QuickBooks. This can occur when a problem is discovered and fixed after the version has been distributed to users. The Update QuickBooks window provides an easy way for you to download these maintenance releases.

There are two ways to download updates from the Internet. You can:

  • Update QuickBooks automatically

    QuickBooks is initially configured to automatically download updates from the Intuit server to your computer. It periodically checks for new updates and downloads them when your Internet connection isn’t being used by another process or application.

  • Update QuickBooks immediately

    You can always update QuickBooks immediately, even if it’s configured to update automatically.

After the download is complete

After the download is complete, it's installed on your computer. If you downloaded a maintenance release, the next time you open QuickBooks, you can choose to install the update now or install it later.

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