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What's important about the Update Now tab

You can use the Update Now tab of the Update QuickBooks window to select and download updates immediately, and to check the status of a download.

If you receive an error during the update, find a solution by searching for the error at Go onlineQuickBooks Support. (After you click the link, you may need to minimize this Help topic to view the page in QuickBooks.)

Important Columns


Displays a list of updates downloaded from the Internet or available for downloading.

To select an update, click the check box next to its name.

To get a description of the update, click its name.

Last Checked

Displays the date and time that QuickBooks last checked to see if new information was available from the Intuit server.

Last Results

Displays the status of the download attempt listed in the Last Checked column.

Click the text in the Last Results column for additional information about the download.

Important Buttons

Reset Update

Clears all previously downloaded data and restarts the update the next time you click Get Updates.

Get Updates

Click this button to initiate the immediate download of your selected updates.

Stop Update

Click to stop the download of updates.

If the update selections remain the same, QuickBooks will resume downloading your updates when you click Get Updates again.

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