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What's important about the To Do List window

Use To Do notes to remind yourself about tasks you need to complete by a certain date. QuickBooks adds each note to the Reminders list when the note's reminder date arrives.


  • Done: A checkmark appears in this column when you've finished a To Do task.

  • Date: Indicates the date you will be reminded to do the task, or, if the task is done, the date on which you completed it.

  • Description: The note you made about this task.

Menu buttons

To Do

This left-most button (with the same name as the list) has choices that affect the status of the list and its items, such as New, Edit, Make Inactive, Delete, Use, Print Note, and Print List. Some lists also allow you to see an expanded or compressed view.


Click this button to create a Detail List report of the To Do list. This may be more useful to you than printing the list because you can format the report to suit your needs.

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