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What's important in the New/Edit To Do window


Enter the text of the note. When you reach the end of a line, text wraps automatically to the next line. To start a new paragraph, press Enter twice.

If you enter a lengthy note, you'll see only the first part of the note when you view the list on your screen. To see the entire note again, you must edit the note.

Remind me on

Enter the date you want QuickBooks to remind you to complete the task. The date you enter is the date the note will appear on the Reminders list.


Moves the note to the bottom of the To Do list and removes the note from the Reminders list.

Print (on the Edit To Do window)

Use this button to print the current To Do note.

To print a single note, select the note, click To Do at the bottom of the list, and then click Print Note.

To Do Note is inactive

Hides the note on the To Do and Reminders lists.

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