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Fill in weekly timesheets

What is a timesheet?

A weekly timesheet shows the time spent by one person doing any number of activities for any number of jobs within a seven-day period. Use a weekly timesheet when you want to record work done on several days or on several jobs. Anything you previously entered as a single activity entry for this week automatically appears on a person's timesheet. The timesheet can only display one week at a time, but you can easily view the hours entered for other weeks.

Note: You must turn on time tracking to fill in a timesheet.

  1. Choose Employees>Enter Time>Use Weekly Timesheet.
  2. Enter the name of the person who performed the work and press Tab.

    If there is existing time data for this person for this week, QuickBooks displays it (unless you've selected multiple names). You can edit the entries.

  3. If necessary, change the date range of the week displayed:
    • To change to the previous week, click Previous. To change to the next week, click Next.
    • To change to any other week, click the calendar icon by the Week Of field and enter a date in the week you want to display.
  4. (Payroll only) In the Payroll Item field, change the item, if necessary.

    Important: If the employee earns overtime, make sure you set up the employee's earnings items correctly in the employee record. Otherwise, the overtime rate might not calculate correctly on paychecks.

  5. For each day of the week that work was performed, enter the number of hours worked in the appropriate date column. You can also enter the range of hours worked, such as 8-5, and QuickBooks will calculate the hours automatically.
  6. If you're going to invoice your customer for this time, click the checkbox in the Billable column.

    If not, make sure the checkbox is not checked.

    Note: The symbol Item has been billed in this column means the time has already been billed on a previous invoice.

  7. Continue on additional lines, if necessary, to record time spent on other jobs, doing other services, or associated with other payroll items.
  8. Save the timesheet.
    • Click Save & Close to save the transaction and close the window.
    • Click Save & New to save the transaction and enter a new one.

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