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Tracking hours that you don't want to bill

When you enter a single activity, you'll see a "Billable" checkbox in the Time/Enter Single Activity window.

A checkmark in this checkbox tells QuickBooks that you plan to invoice your customer for this activity. When you record the activity, QuickBooks adds it to the list of billable hours for this job. When you invoice your customer later, you can transfer the hours directly to the invoice form.

If you are not going to invoice your customer, clear this checkbox (remove the checkmark). The hours will not appear in the list of billable hours for this job when you invoice your customer. They will, however, appear on any reports that include this job. That way, you can track the hours you don't invoice your customer for. On the Weekly Timesheet, the Billable column should not be checked for an item if your customer will not be billed for those hours.

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