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Edit and view time entries

Once you have made a time entry, you can view it or edit it later if necessary. For example, you could add a note that would help you identify the time entry on a time by job detail report. You can also correct errors—for example, if you originally assigned the wrong service item to the time entry, you can assign a different one.

Important: QuickBooks enables you to change the time you originally entered, but it won't update any transactions based on that time. For example, if you entered an employee's hours incorrectly and then paid the employee based on those hours, you can correct the hours on the employee's timesheet, but QuickBooks will not revise the paycheck. The same is true for the other parts of a time entry (customer or job name, service item, payroll item, or class name).

To edit time data

  1. Turn on the time tracking preference.

    Turning on time tracking topic goes here
  2. Go to the Employees menu, click Enter Time, and then click Use Weekly Timesheet.

  3. In the Name field, enter the name of the person who performed the work.

  4. If the week you want to see is not the current week, change the date range of the timesheet:

    • To change to the previous week, click Previous. To change to the next week, click Next.

    • To change to any other week, click the calendar icon next to the Week Of field and enter a date in the week you want to display.

  5. Change the entries for that week.


  6. Select the hours in one of the columns and click Edit Single Activity to change the customer (or job), service item, or payroll item. Enter your changes in the Time/Edit Single Activity window.

    These changes affect only the hours you selected. All other hours on that line in the timesheet remain unaffected by the change.

  7. Save your changes.

    Save your changes.
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