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Timing or entering a single activity

What is a single activity entry?

Use a single activity entry if you want to time activities as you do them. Or, you can jot down the details of one day's work as the day progresses.

A single activity entry shows the time spent by one person doing a single activity for a single job on a single date. If you're recording time spent on different jobs, you must make a separate entry for each job even if the same person performed all the work.

Use the Stopwatch to time activities as you do them. For example, an attorney could use a single activity entry to time or record time spent on the telephone with a client. He or she could start the Stopwatch upon answering the call, then stop it when the call is completed.

Note: If you want to enter several dates or several jobs at once, use a weekly timesheet.

  1. Go to the Employees menu, choose Enter Time, and then click Time/Enter Single Activity.

  2. Enter the date the work was performed and the name of the person who performed the work.

  3. Enter the Customer:Job and Service Item.

  4. In the Duration field, enter the number of hours worked on this date and this job.


    Use the Stopwatch.

    Use the Stopwatch.
  5. If you're not going to invoice your customer for this time, clear the Billable checkbox.

  6. (Payroll only) Click the Payroll Item drop-down list, change the item, if necessary.

  7. (Workers Compensation only) In the WC Code field, enter or change the workers compensation code, if necessary.

  8. (Optional) In the Class drop-down list, enter the name of the class you want to associate with this activity.

  9. (Optional) In the Notes field, enter any additional information about this activity.

  10. Save the information for this activity.

    Save the information for this activity.

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