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Print weekly timesheets

Note: You also can print blank timesheets to give to your employees or subcontractors to fill out and return to you. Each printed timesheet has a signature line for the person to verify the hours shown.

To do this task

  1. Go to the File Menu, click Print Forms, and then click Timesheets.

  2. (Optional) To choose a different week for the timesheet, enter new dates in the Dated and thru fields.

    If you don't change the dates, the timesheets will be printed for the current work week.

  3. In the list of names, make sure that all the people for whom you want to print timesheets are selected.

    What if a name is missing from the list?

    Topic goes here
  4. To remove a name from the list, click in the checkmark column to the left of the name to remove the name.

    If the list is long and you only want to print timesheets for a few people, click Select None, and then click in the checkmark column for each person whose timesheet you want to print.

  5. (Optional) To print the full text of your activity notes on each timesheet, select Print full activity notes.

    If you select Print first line only instead, only the first line of each note will be printed.

  6. (Optional) Click Preview to preview the timesheets.

  7. Click OK and then click Print to print a timesheet for each person selected within the specified date range.

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