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Pay non-employees for time worked

You can easily pay owners, partners, subcontractors, and other non-employees for time spent on projects and jobs. When you track time for a non-employee, you assign a service item to each time activity so that you can pay the non-employee for time worked.

Who can I pay for time worked?

Who can I pay for time worked?

Pay subcontractors and other vendors for time worked

To pay a subcontractor or other vendor, you can either write a check for immediate payment or direct deposit or enter a bill to pay the subcontractor later. By entering a bill, you can track the amount that you owe in Accounts Payable and pay it later.

Pay owners and partners for time worked

You should set up owners and partners on your Other Names list, not on your Employees list. To pay owners and partners, you can write a check based on the time worked.

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