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Forgiving charges

When you invoice a customer, you may decide to forgive certain charges; that is, you decide not to bill the customer for a number of billable hours. If you want to show this forgiven time on your invoice (some professionals call this a "courtesy" item), you can handle it in one of two ways:

  • If you don't want to track forgiven charges for each of the services you perform, create one discount item called Courtesy. On the invoice, enter the full number of billable hours for a given service, then use the Courtesy item to subtract the forgiven charge amount.

  • If you want to track your forgiven charges for each of your services, use subitems that track your forgiven charges detail.

For example, you can create a service item called Courtesy, with a Rate of 0.00. Then you can create subitems for each of your services (Service A, Service B, and so on). When you enter the amount of the forgiven charges on the invoice, you must enter a negative number (because you are using a service rather than a discount item).

You can see how many billable hours you've forgiven by creating a sales by item report.

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