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Should I track time for subcontractors?

Most businesses don't need to track time for subcontractors. However, here are three reasons you may want to track subcontractor time:

  • On time reports, you want to see all time for a particular job, whether for an employee, a subcontractor, or an owner.

    Let's say your company has only one employee now. By tracking time worked by subcontractors, you'll know what to expect when you have employees doing this type of work in the future.

  • You want to track subcontractor time independently of the time subcontractors report on the bills they submit to you.

    You can give subcontractors copies of the QuickBooks Timer program and ask them to return time data to you regularly so you can track how many hours have been spent on your project before you receive the bills.

  • You want to pay subcontractors based on time entered in QuickBooks, and charge your customers based on this time data.

    When you pay the subcontractor, QuickBooks asks if you want to use the time data entered for the subcontractor. When you invoice your customers, these billable hours also appear on the invoice.

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