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What's important about time and expenses preferences

Your personal preferences

There are no personal time and expenses preferences.

Company-wide preferences

These preferences affect all users. Only the QuickBooks Administrator can change them.

Time tracking

Do you track time?

Do you track time?

First Day of Work Week

QuickBooks adjusts your timesheets so that each weekly period begins with the day of the week you select. If a timesheet happens to be open when you make this change, the change does not occur in the timesheet until you close and reopen it.

Invoicing Options

Track reimbursed expenses as income

Track reimbursed expenses as income

Default markup percentage

Default markup percentage

Default markup account

When you set a default markup percentage, you also need to select the account the markup is associated with. Most companies use something like "Markup Income." If you don't already have a markup account, follow the steps to create an account and use a title like "Markup Income."

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