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Do you track time?

If you answer Yes, you can:

  • Track time for yourself, employees, owners, partners, and vendors. For entering time information, QuickBooks offers single activity forms or weekly timesheets—you choose what works best for you.

  • Use the Stopwatch to time a current activity, such as when you answer a phone call from a client.

  • Assign time to particular jobs and bill those hours back to the customer.

  • Preview your employees' time information along with their paychecks when you pay them. You can edit the hours to be paid; the original record of time worked remains unchanged.

  • Pay nonemployees (owners, partners, and vendors) for time worked.

  • Create four customizable time reports to break down your company's time spent by employee, by job, or by the type of work or services your company provides.

  • View your list of customers with unbilled job-related hours in the Customer Center.

How QuickBooks changes when you track time: You'll see a Time Tracking submenu on the Customers and Employees menus and four time-related reports on the Jobs & Time submenu of the Reports menu.

If you answer No, you can always turn on time tracking later by clicking Yes in this window.

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