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Error message: An activity's duration cannot exceed 24 hours

To fix this error:

Click OK in the error window to close it, then:

  • If this is the only payroll item for the day, enter a different number of hours (less than 24) for the payroll line item.

  • If there are multiple payroll items, you can change the values or leave them as they are.

    If you save the timesheet without changing the hours (by clicking Save & Close or Save & New), a new message appears: "More than 24 hours have been entered for a single day. Do you want to continue?" Click Yes to accept the hours, or No to adjust them.

You may see this error because you:

  • Entered more than 24 hours for a single day with one payroll item line on an employee's weekly timesheet.

  • Entered more than 24 hours on a Time/Enter Single activity sheet.

  • Imported information from the Timer and then edited the timesheet so that there are more than 24 hours in a timesheet day.

  • You are tracking piecework on timesheets.

If you have more than one payroll item line on a weekly timesheet and one day's hours total more than 24, you will receive a slightly different message: "An activity's duration totals for a day should not exceed 24 hours."

11/23/2017 4:00:59 PM
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