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Receive payments toward a statement

customer payment; customer payment

apply payment

When you receive payment for a statement you've sent to a customer, you use the Receive Payments window to record the payment. This window lists the outstanding invoices or statement charges for the customer you select. You cannot enter customer payments directly in the customer or the A/R registers.

If you have signed up for QuickBooks Online Billing, you can record the payments you've received electronically.

If you prefer to group your payments with other undeposited funds by default, ensure that this Sales & Customers preference is turned on.

Use Undeposited Funds as the default Deposit To account

This preference causes QuickBooks to set Undeposited Funds as the default account for depositing payments.

When this preference is off, QuickBooks displays the Deposit To field on the Receive Payments and Enter Sales Receipt windows. You must click a destination account from the drop-down list.

Where to find this preference:

Open the payments preferences.

  1. Choose Edit > Preferences.

  2. In the list at the left of the Preferences window, click Payments.

  3. Click the Company Preferences tab.

To do this task

  1. Go to the Customers menu and click Receive Payments. Shortcut

  2. Complete the fields in the top half of the window. If the payment is for a particular job on your Customers & Jobs list, choose the job as well as the customer's name in the Customer:Job field.

    If you received one payment that covers multiple jobs, apply the appropriate amount of payment to each job separately.

  3. Choose the account into which you want to deposit the payment from the Deposit To drop-down list.

  4. (Optional) Redistribute the payment.

  5. Save the payment.

    Save the payment.

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