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Print the due date on statements

For the due date to print on billing or reminder statements, you must create a custom statement template. If you print your statements on Intuit preprinted forms, you won't be able to use them with the custom template because of the added fields. You can still print on plain paper, or use the multipurpose forms available from Intuit.

To do this task

  1. Edit the customer record to reflect the correct payment terms.

    1. Click Customer Center.

    2. Click the Customers & Jobs tab.

    3. Double-click the customer whose terms you want to edit or confirm.

    4. Click the Additional Info tab.

    5. In the Terms field, enter the terms you want to use for this customer and click OK.

  2. Create a custom template for statements.

    1. Go to the Customers menu and click Create Statements.

    2. Click the Templates drop-down arrow and select the Intuit Standard Statement.

    3. Click Customize and then click Manage Templates.

    4. In the Manage Templates window, click Copy and enter a name for the copy in the Template Name field.

    5. Click OK and then click Additional Customization.

    6. In the Header tab, click the Print checkbox for the Due Date field and then click OK.

      Note: If you receive an Overlapping Fields message click Default Layout to have QuickBooks automatically adjust the layout for you, or click Continue to adjust the field yourself using the Layout Designer.

  3. Click the Template drop-down arrow and choose the template that you created in step 2 when you want to print statements with the due date.

  4. Click Print.

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